Attractions in London England

London England is a hot spot for almost everything but it’s weather. I’ve been to London on two different occasions now. Once with some buddies on a Euro-trip(which mostly consisted of the UK and Barcelona and Amsterdam for the weekends to party, which are all part of Europe, so its an accurate title for that trip.) in 2012.  The second was with my girlfriend to see one of my favorite comedy shows, The Monty Python Reunion(it was amazing!) in 2014.

All total I’ve spent just shy of 2 weeks on the ground in London. Both trips were very different from each other, only overlapping with trips to the British Museum.

London is one of the few cities I had actively planned to get back to because there was so much I missed on the first trip.  Only having 5 days and travelling with 4 other people on the first trip was definitely a big limitation, I’m sure we all compromised with each other on our must see sights. There were also hangovers, those tend to slow your sightseeing down a little as well.

Here’s a three part series I wrote on some attractions in London England:

  1. Historic attractions in London England – Here you’ll find lots of museums to check out. Not to mention the Tower of London which was the stronghold where the English Empire was ruled from for centuries.
  2. Artistic attractions in London England – London’s West End is full of arts and culture. Here’s some that I recommend in the West End and Central London
  3. Entertainment in London England – Everything that doesn’t fit in the above two categories. Lots of variety.


I’ve also written some longer articles on specific topics. You can find some of these below.

  • Chislehurst Caves – A 2000+ year old limestone quarry that is now a network of over 35 kilometers?(22 miles) of tunnels. This is definitely one of my favorite attractions in London England. It’s well worth taking a morning to go check it out.

Have you ever been to London? Let me know some of your favorite attractions or things to do in the comments below. I’m sure I’ll be back so I’ll add them to the list for next time!

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