Travelling is a passion I developed in my adult life. Probably because I couldn’t really afford to do much of the travelling that I wanted to do until I held  a full time job.

As a child my family took numerous trips. On March Break each year we’d travel down to either Maine or New Hampshire for a ski trip with several other families.  I never really enjoyed skiing but I couldn’t really be left behind by myself, so I went and hung out with the friends from the other families that I had. In the summer we’d often go for a long weekend to Dundee Resort in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia which was only a few hours away from home.

It’s not that I didn’t like the traveling when I was younger. Traveling then was fun because I was able to do things with family and friends. To travel now, gives me a great feeling of independence and accomplishment I get from navigating new cities and taking in their culture. It’s all about the experiences now.

Down below you’ll find links to most of my adventures so far.  Some in other countries or on other continents, some will be just down the road! It’s all great fun,  hope you enjoy!

Travel Words

Here’s the travel articles I’ve written so far:

Check out Chislehurst Caves in London, England. There is thousands of years of history.

Travel Stuff

Here’s a collection of photos, videos, and maybe more! (or soon to be) of some of the places I’ve been:

Want to laugh at some great Engrish throughout Asia?

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