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If you’re like me, then you think this site is awesome! But it’s still in its infancy, and there is a plethora of topics I won’t touch on for months or even years to come. I will get to them don’t you worry and I’ll get to them sooner if you let me know what you’d like to hear my opinions on.

In the meantime you should be checking out these other personal finance blogs that I read on a regular basis and I think you’ll enjoy them too.

Freedom Thirty Five – This is actually the first personal finance/investing blog I started to read on a regular basis maybe about 2 years ago. Liquid Independence is what the author calls himself; he’s based out of Vancouver so it’s mostly all Canadian related material.  He’s been featured in the National Post and the Globe and Mail among a few other publications.  His methods have sometimes been touted as crazy or extremely risky, because he leverages a lot of his assets to access more money in hopes of becoming financially independent by the time he is 35.

The content in my opinion isn’t the most advanced so it’s not complicated to understand. For me it’s just the perfect amount of information to peak my interests and do some research into more ways of investing that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.  Saskatchewan farmlands for example, he has invested heavily into it in the past few years and has been making some large gains on its appreciation. Basically, if you have a sense of humor and you’re interested in personal finance, this guy is your gateway drug!

Also, he throws in a nice “Random fact of the day” for some humor and his twitter is loaded with bad puns if that’s what you’re into!

Personal finance blogs

Rockstar Finance – I’ll be honest, I dismissed this website last year when I first came across it through some other site’s blogroll, but I’m a firm believer that was a big mistake.  If Freedom Thirty Five is the gateway drug, this site is your heroin.  It’s basically a museum of great articles on finance. It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t need to be, J Money (who also has a great blog) hit a home run with this one.  If I started reading it when I first discovered it instead of dismissing it, I think I’d have an abundance of knowledge on topics I’m probably just learning about now.

Personal finance blogs

Money after Graduation – I just recently discovered this great blog after diving even further into the personal finance section of the web these past  few months to see what I can learn from the pros.  I immediately enjoyed this page because Bridget’s focus seems to be more towards increasing your income as opposed to saving more of your income.  Which is in line with what I’m trying to do for myself yes I want to cut out as much unnecessary spending as I can but I also like the idea of being able to buy what I want. I don’t usually want to wonder how my impulse buys(they’re all worth it I swear!) will affect my budget or keep me from taking vacations to unwind and enjoy myself.  I personally moved across the country to a place where I can make a much higher salary early in my life so I don’t have to worry about retirement later in life. Check out Bridget’s blog, she also just launched an online intro to stock trading that might interest you as well!

Personal finance blogs

Financial SamuraiHere’s one of the most widely featured and top personal finance bloggers around. He has a library of incredibly detailed and interesting articles covering everything on personal finance and your career. Some of my favorites are his 1/10th rule on automobiles which I’ll admit, I’m guilty of breaking.  I prefer a 1/5th rule myself, but it’s costly. He also has a great post for the personal finance savvy crowd The Average Net Worth for the Above Average Person. This one is a great read if you’re big into managing your money responsibly or just if you just live in Alberta, Canada and feel the need to compare yourself to something higher than average (damn Alberta and it’s decades of growth #maritimeenvy).

It’s almost overwhelming with the amount of topics that are covered on this site. Even more astonishing is that he’s grown his passive income from $78,000 to $200,000/year in under 4 years. That’s passive income! He doesn’t have to do anything and he makes that, not to mention what he’s pulling in from actual work.

Personally, I’m envious of the insight and depth he can go into on different topics. It’s not hard to see that his background is in the financial industry. This guy’s a powerhouse when it comes to increasing your wealth, you’ll be happy you checked it out.


Well that’s it, there are my top four favorite personal finance blogs on the go right now.  If you want more to read you can check out my blogroll here. If you have your own personal finance blog let me know and I’ll check it on the blogroll for you.  What are some of your favorite personal finance blogs?


  • Thanks for the mention! We live in interesting times now, and I do wonder whether the party will continue for the next three years.

    Amazing your central bank cut interest rates again? Canada’s housing chart is straight up and to the right!


    Financial Samurai recently posted…What Happens When A P2P Borrower Stops Paying?My Profile

    • No thank you for the great site!

      The interest rate was definitely a surprise, it’s extremely cheap to borrow money these days. Hard to not put myself in some more debt for investments.

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