Personal Finance Blogs

Personal Finance Blogs

Here’s a list of other Personal Finance blogs I enjoy. Most I’m a regular reader of, some I check in weekly to see if the new content peaks my interests, but they’re all very helpful.  So in no particular order here they are with the shortest summary I could give them!

Financial Samurai – better than ninjas
Freedom Thirty Five – investing, risks and puns
Money After Graduation – make money!
add vodka (Really! I’m not just sneaking in alcohol, I’m and adult!)
Rockstar Finance – PF Museum
Budgets are Sexy – Rockstar of finance
My Alternative Life – Frugal by the sea
Cash Flow Diaries – American Income properties
Save Spend Splurge – describes itself
Canadian Budget Binder – Frugal living and eating
Mo money Mo houses – PF podcasts
Blonde on a Budget – No shopping period!
Modest Money – Lots of info
Finance Footing – Without your footing you’re just hanging on!

If you have a personal finance blog, please contact me or on facebook or twitter so I can check it out and add it to the list!

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