How to help me out via referral links

If you’re  a regular around here and enjoy reading these articles, please take a minute to browse the referral links below. There’s something for everyone and if you’re going to buy those products anyway this won’t cost you anything and will give me a little bonus or money savings. Some of the links will even get you discounts and free stuff! – If you shop online, definitely sign up for this. Before you shop, go to this site, log in and then click the link and you’ll get cash back ranging from 1-10% usually. Sometimes they have deals that double the offer. Here’s my referral link: – Another popular one for online shopping. They have basically everything and with Amazon Prime, the shipping times are unreal. Just click the link and shop and I’ll get a small portion of the purchase total, doesn’t matter what product is bought.

Dollar Shave Club – If you shave, this is the cheapest way to get razor blades. I switched a few months ago and do not regret it.  It takes a few shaves to get used to the new handle, but other than that it’s probably saving me $20/month.

Uber – Uber recently came back to my home town so instead of cabs I’m taking this. Use the referral for a $15 dollar credit towards your first ride and I get the same in return! Free stuff for everyone! If it’s not in your city or town yet, use it the next time you’re on vacation in a city that has it.