How To Make The Most Money In Professional Sports

How To Make The Most Money In Professional Sports

How to make the most money in professional sports

Do you know how to make the most money in professional sports? I think by now everyone probably knows by now that athletes make a TON of money compared to the average person. They also happen to go broke way more often than they should. So that’s why I’ve built this handy guide for any athletic people that want to make the most money possible! This is clearly not to be taken too seriously, but if you’re an athlete and make a ton of money off this guide, holla back at your boy!

For this article, I scoured the internet to find out the average salary and median salary in most professional sports in North America. I have the English and Indian Premier leagues as well because they’re also insanely popular around the world. Unfortunately for the fans of professional soccer (football for you non-North American readers) I had to limit the number of leagues. I had no idea there were so many until I started researching this article, it’s seemingly endless! For kicks I also included the CFL, because I’m Canadian and it’s almost comical to see what an average salary in the CFL is compared to the NFL. 

I also gathered up as much information as I could on the average career lengths for each professional league. This varies wildly within sports depending on the position played. For our purposes we’re just going to stick with the averages for this article.

So what sport has the highest income potential?

Well let’s look at the stats…

How To Make The Most Money In Professional Sports

The Stats…

Clearly, player in the NBA is the clear winner here. But you also need to realize that averages are a funny thing. If you’re earning the average salary, you’re doing A LOT better than the average player. Most professional sports’ pay ranges are drastically different from the low end to the high. People earning the high average salaries are the players that stick around (unless injuries take them out) for a much longer career than average.

So maybe the better way to look at it is potential earnings based on median salaries. Median salary is basically the number where there’s an equal chance to be above or below it based on the current salaries in the sport. The closer the average is to the median, means the smaller pay discrepancy there is from the lowest paid to the highest. This makes leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NFL much more variable.

If you look at the career salary potential based on median income the NBA is still an amazing opportunity, but drops to second place behind the English Premier League. This is because the average career in the EPL is much longer than the NBA.

What about cricket careers?

I couldn’t find any information on the career lengths for cricket players. So it’s hard to compare to the rest.  If the average cricket player’s career was longer than 8 years, it would make it the highest income potential out of ALL of the sports based on average salary and median income.

What about owners?

Well if you own a professional sports team, you’re probably already rich and are making more money than the players. Congratulations on being rich, you certainly know how to make the most money in professional sports! Also…why are you reading a blog on making money? You already made it! It’s not that I don’t appreciate the traffic and possible feedback, because I do! 


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  • Sports betting is huge here in Australia! It’s all government regulated and owned by public corporations, but the government really encourages it! Every day on youtube you see these ads for TAB (the betting agencies).
    This is definitely the one aspect of Australia that I don’t like (I’ve been here for 2 years). I cannot believe that a government would lie to its citizens about “big earnings” from betting.

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