Looking toward the future: 2017 goals and plans


2017 Goals and Plans

As you may have already read from my Q4 2016 post I achieved about half of the goals I set out for myself and this blog last year. I’m not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions but this blog turns out to be a great accountability check. If I post goals and plans for everyone to see, I better be planning on completing them or else I look like a fool! Or at least I think I do and you guys just don’t care.

For this year I’m going to load myself up with some goals and hopefully crush them all! For the sake of organization, I’ll break them down into a few different categories. So here we go!

Blog Goals

  1. 50 posts this year – I failed on my weekly posting last year. This year I’m looking to do a little less then one per week. I’m going to give myself two weeks vacation.
  2. Launch a monthly series – To keep things interesting and myself motivated I’m going to start to create a monthly series. Once a month I’m going to tackle a topic for this. The first installment comes next week so be sure to check back!
  3. Social media – I’ll break this one down to a few different parts.
    1. Twitter – 7500 followers – I just recently crossed the 4000 followers mark so this will be a solid 87.5% increase.
    2. Facebook – 250 followers
    3. Instagram – 250 followers
  4. Ranking – There’s two different ranking systems that I currently know about and look at.
    1. Alexa – This is a sampling system so it’s probably not the greatest, but as of writing this site is currently ranking 782,954 on the overall rankings and 25,721 in Canada. I’m looking at breaking into the top 250,000 for the overall rankings by the end of the year. To help, you should all install the Alexa Chrome Extension
    2. Modest Money Top finance blogs – This is based on three categories, traffic, SEO and social media. Right now I’m ranked 312 out of over 600 so I’m pretty happy with my start but I’ll need to up my game as I want to break into the top 150 by the end of the year.
  5. Feature/Guest posting – I’m looking to get onto other people’s blogs or maybe even a new outlet at least once per quarter throughout the year. This should hopefully drive up my traffic and increase my SEO ranking which will help my #4.
  6. Monetization – I made a very small amount of money last year

Money Goals

  1. Savings – Last year my goal was to save $30,000 and I crushed that. This year I’m going to be looking at a much higher goal of $55,000.
  2. Investing – I already maxed my TFSA for the year from last year’s savings and my RRSP contributions are pretty high already but here’s what I’m hoping
    1. Side business – I’m in the process of launching a small side hustle in the first quarter of this year. I’ll reveal those details when the time comes.
    2. Private equity investment – I’m getting near the final stages of a private equity investment in a start up that I mentioned several times on my net worth updates. This all closes the end of February and I should have some info after that.
    3. Increase RRSP contribution – If I get a raise this year(here’s hoping!) I’ll be increasing my RRSP contributions. 25% of my raise will be going towards additional RRSP contributions

Personal Goals

  1. Exercise more – This year I’m going to be tracking my goals each day and needed to quantify them. For my exercise goal I’m setting a mediocre goal of averaging 3 times a week. Usually on my days off I get 3-4 days in, but often when I’m away I’ll not get any exercise in despite there being fitness equipment 50 feet from my back step.
  2. Travel – Several travel goals for the year
    1. Roadtrips – Hoping to get in two small 2-3 day road trips this year. One will be to the mountains to visit Banff and Jasper. Since entrance to the Canadian National parks is free this year I think I should probably take advantage of it.
    2. Family visit – Both my sisters live within 20 minutes of each other now in Ontario so a visit there would be great. I just have to convince my father to visit at the same time and I’ll get all of the immediate family time in at once! That’s efficient vacationing right there!
    3. Vegas – It’s become an annual tradition for me and my girlfriend. We say we should probably start going elsewhere but Las Vegas is constantly entertaining and so cheap to get there and stay at so many times throughout the year.
    4. Week away – No destination yet, but we’re discussing a week in Europe somewhere. In 2014 we went to London and saw the Monty Python reunion and had a blast exploring the city. This year we’re hoping to see a new city and have another great time.
  3. Healthy months – Last year as one of my personal goals I was trying 6 week periods without drinking at all. This year I’m going to change it up. I’ll do 3 “healthy months” basically I’ll limit any alcohol to a drink a night if at all. Sometimes I really enjoy a glass of aged rum when I get home after a 10 day stretch of working away.  On top of this I’ll be cutting back on junk food snacks and replace them with healthier options. Also, I’ll make a more conscious effort to avoid eating out during these months and to eat more salads in place of my instant suppers on lazy nights. The first healthy month has started and I’m going to try to push it through to Valentine’s day.

There’s my line up of goals for 2017. What do you think of them? Does it look like enough? Too few? Why don’t you share some of yours in the comments?


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