Successful Adult Series

How to be a successful adult

How to be a successful adult

I always wanted an adultier adult in my 20s. Now I’m killing it!

Some of you may have read my 2017 goals, if not go check it out! I’ll wait.  Ok now that you’ve read it you may remember my Blog Goal to create a monthly series. Well How to be a successful adult is it! It originally started as just How to be an adult, but that just takes 18 years of waiting in most countries. Which probably makes for extremely boring content. So that was scraped and now I want to share with you all some basics on how to be a successful adult. Oooo! Successful!

I don’t quite have a schedule for these locked down yet, but expect to see them in the second half of the month.

We’re going to start this series off really small and at the basics. Things like understanding your paycheck and eventually work our way together to make millions and love life. I’m not there yet(the millions anyway) but you can follow my journey on this site. Then I’ll share as much information as I can with you through this monthly series and my regular content.

I’d love to hear some feedback from young or older adults on what they want to know or wished they knew for going through the early stages of adulthood. Do you struggle with understanding certain topics? Do you need help with anything at all? If YOU have any topics you’d like to see for How to be a successful adult then leave a comment below or get a hold of me through email, twitter, facebook, or instagram.

Sound like a plan? Now that we’re all on board let’s check out the topics!

How to be a successful adult – 2017 Edition

January – How to be a successful adult: Understanding your paycheck

February – How to be a successful adult Part 2: Simple Budgeting Guidelines

March – How to be a successful adult – Buying your first car