6 great tips for paying less when you travel on holiday

6 great tips for paying less when you travel on holiday

6 great tips for paying less when you travel on holiday

Everyone loves to travel on holiday. Exploring new places and getting away from your daily 9-5 is great. But nobody likes how much it can cost to go on holiday. Accommodation, transport, food, and activities – there are a lot of costs to factor into your overall budget.

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can save money when you travel. If you plan ahead and do your research, you can easily end up paying less than you might think. We’ll show you how with six great money-saving tips:

1. Find somewhere up-and-coming

It’s harder to find a bargain in popular places. Places like hotels and restaurants set their prices knowing some people will be willing to fork out the additional expense to stay in premium locations.

As such, one of the best ways you can save money is by choosing a location that’s yet to get loads of attention from tourists. The Lonely Planet picked countries like Canada, Colombia, Finland, Nepal, Myanmar, and Ethiopia in their best places to travel in 2017. Use lists like this as a starting point to find somewhere you’d love to go, but isn’t yet on everyone’s must-visit list.

2. Travel at cheap times

Booking a flight for late at night or early in the morning can save you money, as they are the least popular times to travel. If you want to get a bargain, you have to be willing to stay up or wake up earlier than the hordes. It might seem like effort, but your budget will be better off for it. Think of the money you save as additional spending money and you’ll soon be convinced an early morning is worth it.

3. Learn to haggle

Did you know haggling can save you at least 20-50% off the original asking price? Yet 49% of people never even try. Although some people are naturally better than others are negotiating a lower price, everyone get can better with a bit of practice. As long as you don’t reveal how much you’re willing to pay early on, you’ve got some leverage to haggle with people. Test it out at market stalls, before trying your luck with an upgrade at your hotel.

4. Sign up to email updates

To get the latest offers and updates from hotels, airlines and other relevant holiday providers, you should sign up to their email updates. We understand that promotional emails can be frustrating at times – but it is one of the best ways to be amongst the first to know about good deals.

If you’d rather not fill your inbox up, consider following your favourite providers on social media. More so than ever, companies are engaging with key platforms to reach out to potential consumers. They’ll use these sites to announce offers, so keep an eye out. There’ll probably be some competitions you could enter to get a few freebies as well (although they tend to want your email).

5. Fly indirectly

Making your journey longer might sound like a nightmare – but flying indirectly has its advantages. First of all, it will save you money. In fact, The Telegraph reckon you could save up to 50% of flights by taking a little diversion. They found flights from London to Malaga, on the same dates, for more than £50 cheaper if you were willing to spend a couple of hours in Copenhagen on the way home.

If you plan it well, you could get to see another location on your holiday. Spending a bit of time in a lovely city on your way home is no bad way of breaking up travel.

6. Weigh and measure your luggage

The last thing you want when going on holiday is to be hit with unexpected costs at the airport. But this can easily happen if you’re not careful with the size and weight of your luggage. Make sure you check the airline’s small print on how much you can check in and carry as hand luggage.

Other unexpected hidden holiday costs could include: data roaming, pet care, and resort fees. The earlier you plan your trip, the more likely you are to spot where a surprise expense might come from.

How do you save money when your travel? We’d love to hear your suggestions and recommendations for making the most of a holiday budget.

Year end update – Q4 2016

Q4 2016 update

Another year is over and so here’s another update, this time for Q4 2016. As I mentioned in my last quarterly update I was jamming all of my trips into the last half of this year, so we’ll say I was on vacation…even though I probably wasn’t.

I’ll do a quick brag about my trips to start this off and get it out of the way.   Read more

7 ways to spend your tax return

spend your tax return

7 ways to spend your tax return

In case you haven’t heard all the radio ads about how scary your income tax is SUPPOSED to be(it isn’t) in order to scare you into paying money to have someone file your taxes, you may not have realized that it’s tax season.  An exciting season for a lot of people because it’s the one time of year they get “paid” from the government.  Unfortunately, your tax return isn’t getting paid from the government but only getting your money back that you’ve loaned them interest free.

If you’re like the majority of the population you’re probably getting some money back in the next few weeks and I’m going to share with you some ways how to spend your tax return. Some of these will be great for future you, others are going to be instant gratification for present you. It will be all your choice; I can only pass along the ideas. Read more

Do you want to spend time in Hanoi Vietnam?

Spend time in Hanoi

In February 2014 I spent a few days in Hanoi, Vietnam.  It was the first stop of many on a South East Asia trip with some friends of mine.

For those of you who don’t know, Hanoi is the Capital of Vietnam and it is the second most populated area in the country.  Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina from 1902 to 1954 and then as the capital of North Vietnam until the end of the Vietnam war in 1976 where it became the capital of a newly united Vietnam.

February is actually one of the colder months in Hanoi but the average low is still 14C and the average highs are 21C. So we were expecting nice weather, especially compared to the freezing cold of February in Canada that we were used to. Unfortunately I don’t think it came above 15C at the peak of the day for most of the time we were in the city.

Other than the less than stellar weather, Hanoi was an incredible change from the usual vacations I’m used to.  As soon as we were on the shuttle from the airport to the city center, it was an incredible eye opener. I haven’t spent much time outside of North America and the trips that I had gone on were in Europe which is highly developed and prosperous. Vietnam is not highly developed, the conditions people lived in on the route from the airport will make you very thankful for the opportunities you have in life.

The streets of Hanoi

The first day in Hanoi we signed up for a walking tour, which I’d recommend in any city you’re visiting.  You’ll get a tour of the area in which you’re staying so you’ll be more familiar with getting around and hopefully won’t get lost trying to get back.  You also have a chance to ask as many questions as you want with a local or at least someone who is very familiar with the way things work in that city.

In Hanoi, we were lucky to have a local guide show us around. Probably the most important thing we learned on the walking tour was how to cross the roads. Now I know that sounds like a very dumb thing to learn, but if you’ve ever been to a city where the traffic is 95% scooters, you’ll know what I mean. The streets of Hanoi are packed all day with scooters. There was every type of scooter and combination of people and cargo on them; from one person on a scooter to a whole family or a cargo load that was meant for a truck. Those pictures you see online aren’t one time occurrences; they’re everyday life somewhere else.
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Can I do Calgary Stampede on the cheap?

Calgary Stampede on the cheap

Now that the 2015 edition of the Calgary Stampede has come to a close, I’m going to recap how I can help you get the most entertainment for you dollars.

For those of you who don’t know, the Calgary Stampede is a 10 day summer festival held in early July in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Most towns and cities have summer festivals that honor a prominent member of their community that helped shape it into what you see today.  The Calgary Stampede is just like that, only honoring everything that could be related to cowboys/ranching; which were the foundation of life in Alberta. Although I’m sure stampede started off as mostly a rodeo and agricultural event, it has since swelled to encompass almost every facet of life. The Stampede now includes the rodeo events, x-games type events, a market place for selling mostly as seen on TV type products, a showcase for local Alberta visual artists, a talent search competition, several different musical performances at every level from beginning to professionals and a giant midway with rides, games and the largest variety of food you’ll ever see including for some reason the world’s most expensive hotdog and scorpion pizza…I know right, it got a little lost from its cowboy roots.

With over a 1.2 million attendees over the 10 days and dozens of concerts, and millions of dollars in rodeo prize money the cost of attending isn’t like most summertime festivals.  Downtown hotels which are closest to the Stampede grounds have an average nightly rate close to 300 dollars which is a 69% premium over the usual pricing according to Trivago.com. A bottle of water or a pop at most vendors on the grounds will cost 4 dollars. Needless to say food is also grossly inflated.

Basically the “Greatest outdoors show on earth” can also one of the most expensive outdoor shows on earth. But don’t worry! I’m here to help!

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Want to be entertained in London?

entertainment in london

If you haven’t read my first two posts on Historic things to do in London and Artistic things to do in London, then please check them out if you’re planning a trip.  This post will basically cover the activities I know of that don’t quite fit under history or arts and culture, just other forms of entertainment in London.

If you’re planning a trip to London that doesn’t revolve around a specific event, I’d highly recommend checking out what is going on at the O2 arena. Not only is it a large 20,000 seat arena that can host anything from concerts to sporting events, but it’s also one of the largest tents in the world.  It’s actually the tent that was built for the millennial celebrations and once it was over they cleared out the tent and built this stadium inside.  The cool part is that the tent is much larger than the stadium, so the “outside” of the stadium is built to look like different buildings.  Each of these buildings houses a different restaurant or bar, so if you find an event at the O2 while you’re in London, you can spend the entire evening there.  Go early and get some food before your main event and stay late at the bars for their live entertainment.

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The best artistic attractions in London, England

Attractions in London - Les Mis

Now if you’ve read my last post on Historic attractions in London you already know I think there is an unbelievable amount of attractions in London, England.  In this second part of my three part series on attractions in London I’m going to touch on places and activities that are more artsy and cultural. So let’s begin shall we?

I guess if you were going to start anywhere on arts and culture in London it would be in the West End.  London’s West End is famous for its arts scene. It’s comparable to Broadway in New York City. From classic musicals like Les Miserables, or Phantom of the Opera to the new hits like Book of Mormon; there are around 40 theatres in the West end that house plays, musicals and comedies. I’d recommend seeing at least one performance here, they’re all on the high end of the budget scale, but this is basically one of two best spots in the world to see this much talent on stage.

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Is there an end of historic things to do in London?

Things to do in London

Is there an end of historic things to do in London?

London, England is one of the biggest most historic metropolises in the world. Yes there are bigger, older, or whatever adjective you’d like to use to argue my opinion, but the fact will remain…no there isn’t an end to the things to do in London.

There’s just such a large population in London by the time you’ve tried something there’s two more places opened up to try something else. Sure this is probably the same for a lot of big cities, but this is my post and I’m going to talk about London. So here’s what I think.

If you’re going to London for the history, you’re going to have an eventful time. London dates back almost 2000 years to Roman times. To put that into perspective for everyone reading in North America, there are buildings in London older than your continent. No not the actual continent itself, but the discovery of it; the discovery of it by Europeans anyway. Native Americans clearly discovered it long ago by I guess just being born on it? But this is getting way off topic!

Things to do in London

The White Tower, built in the late 11th century. Shaming every North American building with centuries of history!

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Have you ever been to a Gopher hole museum?

Gopher Hole Museum

Soo…Have you ever been to a Gopher hole museum?

That’s probably one of the strangest questions I’ll never be asked, which is exactly the reason I feel the urge to bring it up.  Yes I have been to a Gopher hole museum! As far as I know there’s only the one and it’s in Torrington, Alberta.  I’ve got to say it was one of the weirdest fun road trips I’ve done in Alberta since I’ve been living here these last 4 years.

Ok, since you brought it up. What the hell is a Gopher Hole Museum?

It’s a museum for gopher holes, clearly… Read more

Do you want Las Vegas on a budget? Or loaded in luxury?

las vegas on a budget

Ever been to Las Vegas?

Indeed I have! It’s one of my favorite destinations for a short weekend trip or something without too much planning.  Las Vegas is a great time because it has so much for every type of person. It can be a trip filled with luxuries or it can be a pretty frugal trip with tons of free and cheap entertainment.

So what would you recommend if I’m going to do Las Vegas on a budget?

If you’re looking for a fun time in Las Vegas on a budget I’d suggest a few options like these: If you want to stay on the strip, in my opinion the Linq or Flamingo are probably the best values in terms of location. They’re both older hotels that have had some pretty nice renovations (especially the Linq). They’re both located right in the middle of the strip and boarder a new area called “The Linq” which has the High Roller Ferris wheel that has amazing views of the city and several bars and restaurants they imported from all over the world. If you don’t mind the travel time, there’s plenty of cheaper alternatives up on Freemont Street and off of the Strip.
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