About My words and Stuff

About My Words and Stuff

I started this site to try to hold myself accountable for my financial future and to share my experiences with anyone who might be interested.  I think I’m probably like most of you and have no formal education in finances. I came out of high school supposedly prepared for the real world, but I didn’t even know how to do my own taxes or know how income tax worked even though I received dozens of pay cheques by this point.

My words and stuff

A gripping tale of dollars and cents making sense

The only course I’ve ever taken related to money was an “Engineering Economics” course in my first or second year of university. That basically taught me a few formulas for net present worth and compound interest and all of those really “sexy” terms you’ve probably heard of but no one taught you what they meant or when they’ll help.  Other than the exam I wasn’t sure when to use them!

Since graduating and being in the real world and realizing how unprepared I actually was. Since then I’ve been constantly devouring as much information as I can on any topic I think I can use to help improve my life. I’ll read about taxes on occasion, other times I’m reading management articles to improve my career outlook, tips on investing, in between I’ll add some comic books, non-fiction and travel pieces that help me get away from it all. Whether I’m reading a book written by a millionaire or a blog post by someone like myself, I try to make sure I take at least one lesson out of it. Out of everything I read and learn if I think I can explain it better or make it more entertaining for you guys you’ll see it on a post here.

In 2007 I had a high paying work term while in university and decided to try my hand at the stock market.  Without even reading a book I opened an account and put money in penny stocks, companies people talked about at work, pretty much anything I “had a feeling” about.  In late 2008 and early 2009 I had lost just about all of those penny stocks, due to bankruptcies from the recession.  The bigger blue-chip companies survived but had their stock prices cut in half. Needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant experience losing my first couple grand in my first stock market crash but it was a kick in the ass to motivate myself to learn a few things about investing. I’ve learned a lot from that, mostly that I was extremely naïve. But I don’t regret it, it was a lesson that will stick with me for my lifetime also because I have this reminding me of it every time I look at my portfolio.

My words and stuff

It isn’t huge amount today, but when I was making a little more than $100 each week while in university it was a heartbreaking loss

Now before I do anything with my money I spend a lot of time reading and searching for other people’s experiences.  If you’ve heard of something, someone’s already made and lost a fortune on it and there’s probably some books documenting it.  There’s a ton of websites with information on anything you can think of(this is the internet after all!) and lots of other resources from libraries, personal experiences of friends and family or local business owners.  I’ll make posts of the new things I’m learning and where you can get more information on it.

I won’t just be writing about investing in markets though, I also have started taking an interest in real estate.  I ended up with my first rental property by accident. I bought a house to live in and was transferred for work less than 4 months later.  A year after my first rental property I decided to take a chance at owning a rental property that was purposely built and bought for rentals.

Getting away from the finance side of things, you’ll also see some stories and photos of trips I’ve taken to various countries around the world.  While I still try to save and spend frugally I’m a firm believer that money should be spent on experiences with family and friends.  I’d much rather take a few trips each year to see my family or new parts of the world then live in a large home with too many rooms to clean. Although if everything works out, maybe I’ll have both!…and a housekeeper for those extra rooms that won’t stay clean…

Hopefully my risks and adventures work out, but there’s bound to be a few blunders here and there so use this information at your own risk if you use it for any purposes other than entertainment. I am just an average guy trying to retire early like the rest of you.

I plan on updating the site weekly. There won’t be a set schedule between finance and travel/entertainment posts, they’ll just happen when they do.  Sometimes I may miss a deadline which I’ll have to apologize for if you’re waiting for it. Life happens and I do this only as a hobby so sometimes they’ll get missed.  But if you feel the need to let me know you were looking forward to the next post, I’ll be sure to try harder to not let you down!

I hope you enjoy my words and stuff. Cheers!


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