7 easy ways to replace cable and save money

7 easy cheap ways to replace cable

Ways to replace cable are ALL around us nowadays, I haven’t actually paid for a cable subscription since I think 2008. The only reason I had cable from 2005 to 2008 is because I was living with two good friends at the time and they both wanted cable, so we got cable. We just went with a very basic cable package so it wasn’t outrageous like today’s prices. 

Since 2008, however, I have not even thought once about getting cable in any form, why would I? There’s so many cheaper alternatives to cable.

  1. Netflix – Probably my favorite alternative to cable. Starting at $7.99 per month and topping out at 11.99 it’s a pretty cheap alternative. All you need is an internet connection and you have thousands of movies, hundreds of great series, and my personal favorite hours and hours of stand-up comedy specials. A few comedians you might want to check out:
    • Tom Segura
    • Jim Jeffries
    • Jim Gaffigan
    • Bill Burr
    • Louis CK

These are just a few of my personal favorites, there are LOTS of other great comedians and the original Netflix series are great. A few I’ve really enjoyed are:

  • Daredevil or Jessica Jones or Luke Cage – I love me some Marvel superheroes
  • Orange is the new black (It’s a show, not Donald Trump replacing Obama) 
  • Stranger Things – A great throwback to 80s horror/sci-fi
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – It’s weirdly hilarious

I could probably write an entire article on nothing but Netflix shows . The suggestions above don’t even scratch the surface of their great content. If you don’t have a subscription you should steal…borrow someone else’s to get a good feel for it and then sign up on your own!

2. Major Cable Networks – (Uhh…what? Didn’t you say alternatives to cable?)  Cable channels’ websites offer a lot of free content. A lot of major networks have online streaming of a lot of their content, just hop on over to their site and search for it. Technically it still is an alternative, it’s just the same content through a different medium.  The worse part about this is a lot of those websites are location locked. Meaning some countries will not be able to view them, if you’re American you’re in luck though!

3. Other Subscription services – There’s so many subscription services you can access online that make great alternatives to cable. Hulu and Amazon Prime are two of the bigger online entities. A lot of premium cable networks have also launched an online portion. HBO Now was the first big one, Starz and Showtime also have those options. 

4. Over air Television – It’s all your local cable stations for FREE!  Depending on your age you might remember televisions with rabbit ears or an antenna on a roof.  This use to be a way to get some poor quality TV channels. Well sometime in the last 10 years stations in Canada and the USA switched from analog to digital transmission. Basically, from my understanding this means you either get the whole signal or you don’t. So if you’re in a major city center you can buy a really cheap antenna. This will help you pick up multiple channels with perfectly clear content so there’s no need to adjust rabbit ears.

5. Apps/online sitesYouTube is the biggest platform to consume this content. A lot of younger people are leaning more towards these short 5-10 minute segments. There’s tons of money being poured into youtube these days for original content. For me, it’s the best place for news (I’m a Philip DeFranco fan), education (Scishow/Crash Course/Smarter Everyday to name a few). Vimeo is also another with a variety of content. I prefer YouTube over Vimeo though

6. Media streaming devices – There’s a lot of these, the most popular that I’ve been hearing a lot of people getting are what most people call “Android Boxes”. Apple TV is another popular one, along with Roku. I haven’t personally used any of these but a few coworkers and family have had them all with great success. 

7. Library – (WHAAAT? Libraries are still a thing?) Hold on there random voice in brackets…Libraries are STILL a thing and probably better than ever. Not only can you find a million incredible books there but you can also find a lot of TV shows and movies to rent. Surely you have an old dvd or bluray player around somewhere? Libraries are usually free and you can find so much entertainment if you go look. Hell they even have people that will help you look!

Did I miss any ways to replace cable that you know of? What ones do you use?


  • For Ota TV we have a channel master dvr. It’s great. Onetime fee that gives the benefits of a dvr rented from the cable company.

  • We have Apple TV and basic cable. We absolutely love Apple TV, but you should have unlimited internet as well since you can easily loose track of the amount of bandwidth you’re using. It gives us easy access to Netflix as well as a few other apps including a CBC app which is great for watching any news related CBC program (we use it for The National & don’t have to wait until 10pm to watch it). If a paid app or subscription was available through CTV & Global, we’d definitely subscribe & hopefully that will happen in the future. In the meantime, we’ll stick with paying for basic cable to keep up with 5:00 news & the latest in our favourite sitcoms 🙂

  • I am always happily surprised when I remember the library is such a great option for entertainment! Our library stocks TONs of movies, and always gets new releases! Before we moved, our old library system charged $1-3 for movie rentals, but movies are free at our new municipality!
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  • We use amazon prime since we’re already subscribed which has a great selection of stuff. I highly recommend Man in the High Castle and Goliath if you have it. We also use Kodi to stream sports, tv and movies. Definitely don’t miss paying for cable!

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